Our part-time Director plays a key role in enhancing global supply chain leadership for this multi-national shipping company, focusing on customer satisfaction and technological advancements in logistics.

Company Profile

This company has established itself as a global leader in contract logistics. This division orchestrates business development, sales, marketing, and several specialised business units, showcasing a commitment to global supply chain leadership.

CIO’s Objectives

  • Spearheading growth and amplifying customer retention across the division.
  • Exemplifying global supply chain leadership in diverse sectors: Technology, Automotive, and Life Sciences & Healthcare.
  • Providing executive sponsorship for major global accounts, enhancing customer relations.
  • Strengthening and expanding the business development and marketing functions.
  • Taking command of several global business units, ensuring cohesive and effective management.

What the CIO Did

Long-term IT Leadership

The CIO led a vast global IT organisation, managing approximately 150 full-time employees. His leadership spanned across four continents, integrating teams and managing a portfolio of outsourcing providers. This role was instrumental in fostering global supply chain leadership throughout the division.

Active Role in Executive Boards

As a member of both the CDO management board and the global IT management board, our Director played a critical role in understanding and shaping the business’s future. His inclusion in the Top Executive Management group within Deutsche Post symbolised his significant influence and commitment to global supply chain leadership.

Elevating Customer Satisfaction

By leveraging customer satisfaction surveys and net promoter scores, our Director successfully enhanced IT perception within the business. This strategic focus resulted in heightened satisfaction among internal and external clients, a testament to his effective leadership.

Global CRM Implementation

The deployment of an updated CRM solution across the global organisation marked a significant achievement. This initiative, led by our Director, substantially improved the quality of transactional and management information, empowering business development teams division-wide.

Pioneering Digitalisation and Blockchain

Our Director took the lead in adopting digitalisation, particularly blockchain technology, within the business. His sponsorship led to the division’s first successful blockchain implementation. This innovative move was crucial for complying with a pharmaceutical falsified medicines directive, a vital component for the company’s growth and a clear demonstration of global supply chain leadership.

Shaping the Future of the Supply Chain

Over his tenure, our Director not only achieved but surpassed the set objectives. His strategic approach and effective management significantly contributed to the Supply Chain’s status as a global leader in contract logistics. The strategies and innovations implemented under his guidance have positioned the division for sustained success, further cementing its place as a model of global supply chain leadership.

The Results

DHL Supply Chain was and remains the global leader in contract logistics. The CDO organisation of which our Director was a senior leader for four years was integral to the growth of the division during his tenure.  

In an analysis of DHL Supply Chain’s success, organisations such as Gartner point specifically to the digitalisation leadership at the company as compared to its rivals: an area in which our Director was intimately involved.