Our part-time IT Director was brought in by this consumer credit giant to work on delivering a new global service model. By assessing current practices, diligently analysing potential vendors and finally integrating the new system.

Company Profile

This business is a world leader in consumer credit reporting and global information services. The company is headquartered in Europe and serves more than a billion customers across the globe, offering credit evaluation services to both individual consumers and businesses.

CEO’s Mission

The company requires a new global service model. This will include a Service Desk offering created by global teams to enhance the company’s offerings for clients worldwide. The focus is to ensure the service is ‘rightshored’ in terms of skills and capabilities, regardless of location. To achieve this, multiple departments and teams need to transition and adapt, and they must carry out a high number of projects simultaneously.

What Our Director Did

Initial Review And Forecasting

The IT Director begun by reviewing the company’s existing service model and associated cost base. Then, analysing all the potential requirements and assessing deliverables. This process was overseen by the Director for the live operations service function, working closely with the relevant teams throughout. The market was assessed for options and narrowed down to appropriate choices for the business.

Tender And Vendor Selection

After reviewing the existing model and devising a plan for global expansion, the Director worked collaboratively with the business to take the work out to tender. The process started with an initial pool of nine vendors. Based on the business’s needs, preferences, and requirements, The Director narrowed it down to two. These vendors were based all over the world. However, the Director visited key locations to carry out the necessary due diligence to make the right choice for the business.

Transition And Management of Global Service Model

The team designed and actioned a statement of works to clarify responsibility for each project area and subsequent service. The Director rolled this out across the company to gain agreement before leading the transition to the new vendor over three months. During this period, the Director oversaw significant engagement, organizational change management, and international communication on behalf of the business.

Integration Of The New System

One of the key aspects of the transition was making sure that all existing internal teams were managed and communicated with throughout the process. The Director worked to gain a full understanding of the current and potential workload, managing it throughout. The goal was to implement a seamless transition to a new global service model blended across multiple organisations. This would include a new Service Desk, with a ‘one organisation’ ethos across teams. Following the completion of the the transition and initial set-up, the Director took the responsibility for continuing to deliver the strategic direction and and operational services, leading enhanced organisational works to make the development as seamless as possible for the company.

The Results

By the end of the project, the Director had overseen the founding and set-up of a new global service model, including a new Service Desk for the company, based in South Africa. This service desk went on to exceed their service level agreement expectations after the transition was completed. Colleague engagement was noticeably improved following the project, and the company experienced a broader service capability coupled with significant cost savings as a result of the Director’s work.