Our Marketing Director helped this Professional Services Company in helping them with their global talent acquisition strategy.

Company Profile 

This company builds trust and confidence in capital markets globally – through the deployment of their homegrown leaders delivering the company’s promise to their clients. 

CEO’s Mission 

The CEO joined the company in 1985 and worked his way through the ranks, so has a deep understanding of what ‘success’ looks like – so appointed a fresh energy that could carve out a new approach to sourcing the next generation of ‘talent’ that would challenge the status quo and take the company’s service and it’s clients to the next level. Appointing a Marketing Head on this initial project, enabled the business to get ready for the next influx of ‘new blood’, the next global business leaders under the company’s umbrella. The main objective was to identify & attract up to 80,000 new talent heads.

CMO’s Objectives 

  • To work alongside all key Stakeholders, understanding their needs asks and concerns (and level of current understanding) 
  • Take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the recruitment business (external in-take) as Project Lead working across all functions globally 
  • To be the central point of contact with the technology team, and key stakeholders to ensure scope met all needs, the taxonomy ticked all boxes, delivered on-brand look and content, and all stated KPIs were met, in budget and on time 
  • To deliver an all-encompassing marketing strategy that achieved the stated goals, in an innovative and cost-effective manner – allowing the company to stand out in the marketplace 

What the CMO Did 

Provided Project Lead and Strategic Oversight

The Marketing Director a significant function, in a global matrix environment – being all stakeholder’s central go-to-person.

They showcased a clear understanding and maintained transparent communication. They acted as a trusted advisor, always ready to listen, and were not afraid to take bold steps and risks.

Transformational Roadmap for Global Talent Acquisition

The initial stage involved assessing the current situation and understanding the prevailing sentiments. This assessment led to an ‘eye-opening’ realization. The approach was to gently suggest and propose changes, ensuring not to overwhelm those who might be resistant or fearful of change.

A comprehensive roadmap for change was developed, gaining support from all major stakeholders. A detailed project plan was consistently shared and updated weekly, making the most of the company’s resources, technology, and personnel.

Day-to-Day Business Management

This role was pivotal, serving as the primary point of contact. It involved immersing in the company culture, guiding, and providing direction. The team, comprising two members and led by a leader, utilized internal talent and resources as needed. They ensured open communication with all stakeholders. This team, recognized as the ‘hero squad’, was led by the Project Manager and later took on other significant projects after the successful completion of this one.

The Results

  • Global delivery of talent acquisition, covering 22 regions 
  • Delivered a taxonomy of editorial content and local market knowledge against an already structured technological infrastructure 
  • Successfully the project two months ahead of schedule 
  • Successfully delivered the project within budget, delivering savings approx. $450,000 
  • Secured 75% of the required 80,000 intakes through the rolled-out marketing campaign initiatives – mainly focusing on social media channels – ‘know your audience’ 
  • Secured additional investment to take this initial offering to the next level realising the company cannot stand still 
  • The overall project and marketing campaign initiatives were recognised by being nominated and winning well-respected industry awards