Our IT Director came in to help this Advertising and Marketing Agency in guiding them through a system migration from antiquated and time consuming paper records to an all in one digital solution.

Company Profile

This company is a renowned agency in the Advertising/Marketing domain, offering a comprehensive range of services. Their expertise lies in the realm of property development, setting them apart in the industry.

CEO’s Mission

This company recognised the need for evolution, and embarked on a transformative journey. The primary aim was to implement a system migration from the traditional, often tedious paper-based systems to a more streamlined, digital platform. This move was not just about modernisation but also about enhancing efficiency and ensuring seamless accessibility for all stakeholders.

CIO’s Objectives

  • System Migration: Transition from archaic paper-based methodologies to a state-of-the-art digital framework.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Ensure that every stakeholder, irrespective of their role, can access the necessary resources without hurdles.
  • Process Optimisation: Revamp and refine all existing processes to boost efficiency and productivity.

What the Director Did

In-depth Review and Strategic Planning

The IT Director began by conduction a full scale review. The objective was to gain a deep understanding of the company’s prevailing business strategy, scrutinize the current IT systems, and identify manual processes that needed an overhaul. This meticulous review also encompassed a gap analysis, pinpointing discrepancies between the existing and desired states.

Rigorous Supplier Assessment

Post the IT evaluation, the Director expanded the work to include a thorough market analysis. This was crucial to ensure that they collaborated with the best third-party suppliers. It was imperative to partner with suppliers who resonated with the companies ethos, energy, and overarching objectives.

Fostering Engagement and Effective Communication

Understanding the needs and challenges of the companies key users was paramount. The Director delved deep, identifying the specific requirements and potential bottlenecks of all pivotal users and sponsors. This groundwork was instrumental in ensuring sustained engagement. Furthermore, they showcased system prototypes tailored to address specific user needs. By involving key personnel at every decision-making juncture, they ensured transparency, inclusivity, and collective growth.

The Results

Within months of the project, several new systems were installed, providing quick wins such as document management and photo libraries that clients could access. This greatly improved the process of creating advertisements and marketing collateral for the company’s clients, with a system providing fast reviews and sign-off mechanisms. This new system vastly improved client relationships, while a more fit-for-purpose workflow process enabled the internal staff to be more efficient with their day-to-day activities. 

From these quick wins, the systems were then extended to automate other back-office processes and procedures, all whilst plugging into suppliers that perfectly complemented the client’s requirements for ongoing and long-term support.