This facility services company looked to the help of a part-time Sales Director to help them improve their sales function. This then helped them through a period of transition, the Sales Director worked towards achieving the required budgets.

Company Profile

This company provides a range of facility services to multiple private and public sector customers.

CEO’s Mission

The company was going through a period of transition and uncertainty following a takeover that became subject to an extensive CMA investigation.

Budgets needed to be achieved to optimise the eventual sale valuation, whilst retaining the talented sales and account management employees, strategic customers and brand credibility.

The CSO/Sales Director led the creation of a culture of success and trust at a time of change, leading the sales function to exceptional results to protect the employment of the sales and account management team, increasing the worth of the business in readiness for the final disposal.

CSO/Sales Director Objectives

  • Take responsibility for day-to-day leadership and management of the sales and account
    management function
  • Then achieve short term financial budgets, revenue, profit and cost to serve targets
  • Develop and implement a structure for growth for the internal and external sales functions
  • Protect the positions of employees throughout the business
  • Finally, create the right culture at a time of instability

What the Sales Director/CSO Did

Provided leadership and inspiration

The Sales Director developed the strategy and structure for growth, helping create a culture of success and trust to enable high performance. A one-team approach was fostered with key departmental stakeholders to ensure the company was aligned and on track to deliver performance and growth.

Day-to-day leadership and management of the sales function

The Sales Director played a pivotal role in implementing the strategy, structure, roles and responsibilities designed to deliver financial results. This also helped protect and retain talented people, whilst preparing the business for the future. Operating within a culture of success, the director introduced metrics through the CRM. Also, they implemented an inspirational reward, recognition, and feedback culture to encourage the right behaviour. Finally, the Director gave aspiring managers the opportunity to excel in leadership roles. This helped in bringing positivity and freshness to the sales environment.

Developed and delivered a winning value proposition

The CSO/Sales Director worked with internal stakeholders, including operations, marketing and commercial to develop the value proposition to differentiate from the competition, engaging strategic customers and supply partners in the development of the offering.

The Results

The Sales Director led the success of the sales and account management function and created an environment for growth.

  • Delivered the £38m budget
  • Oversaw two record sales months in excess of £1m per month
  • Worked with the operational teams to develop a lead generation scheme that delivered £600k of growth
  • 100% of the sales and account management team retained
  • Retained 100% of the companies strategic customers
  • Implemented the compliant use of the CRM
  • Developed and implemented a new bonus scheme
  • Introduced a sales and account management training and coaching programme
  • Implemented NPS programme for existing customers with a score in excess of 70
  • Worked with the CEO and Operations Director to develop lead generation programme
  • Worked with the CEO, Marketing, Operations and Financial Directors to develop a compelling value proposition