Our CIO helped this marketing agency deliver new offerings including mobile apps marketing and digital services, through leadership and expertise.

Company Profile 

This traditional media agency, with a rich history in London, was poised for a traditional media to mobile transition. With a dedicated team of 28 employees, they had a niche portfolio of brands. The agency recognised the importance of mobile app innovation in traditional marketing and aimed to integrate mobile apps marketing offering as a complement to their existing services.

CEO’s Mission 

The agency was losing traction in the competitive market due to its absence in the mobile apps marketing and digital marketing sectors. The vision was clear:

  • Introduce a robust digital marketing and mobile app practice area.
  • Identify potential areas for automation.
  • Craft a roadmap to tap into new market opportunities.
  • Enhance the current services with newly implemented media agency mobile app adoption.
  • Empower the team to make informed, knowledge-driven decisions about future service expansions.

CIO’s Objectives 

The CIO was brought in with strategic IT leadership for marketing at the forefront of the plan:

  • Pinpoint emerging opportunities in digital marketing, automation, and analytics.
  • Develop a technology strategy bolstered by the fractional CIO supplied strategies for media agencies to facilitate the transition.
  • Revamp customer experience and engagement through the fractional CIO led mobile app integration strategies.
  • Ensure the new implementations are future-proof and adaptable.

What Our Director Did 

Provided Leadership and Strategic Insights

Our CIO undertook a comprehensive review of the client’s operations from both technological and business perspectives. Collaborating closely with the CEO, he pinpointed critical infrastructure and technology areas essential for a successful foray into digital marketing and mobile apps. He also identified the necessary business processes and skill sets.

Designed and Delivered a Roadmap for Transformational Change

Post a thorough analysis of the organisation’s existing IT landscape, the Director, with his expertise in leadership in digital adoption, presented a transformational roadmap. This strategy, formulated in tandem with key stakeholders, took into account the daily needs of company employees and customer demands. Thanks to his meticulous consultation process, the Director ensured a smooth entry into this new market segment without hampering the ongoing business operations.

Main Areas of Focus, Mobile App Marketing and Digital Marketing

Mobile Apps: Pioneered the development of mobile apps (both iOS and Android) as an integral part of the client’s service suite.

Digital Marketing: Established facilities for digital marketing, social media, web design, and overall marketing agency tech modernisation.

This encompassed:

  • A state-of-the-art platform for the digital development of marketing and content assets.
  • Automated web development platforms with optimization capabilities.
  • Streamlined channels for performance marketing across paid, earned, owned, and social media.
  • Data analytics as the backbone of all operations.

The Associate orchestrated a series of transitional projects, which included the rollout of new platforms, process updates, and business realignments to introduce new capabilities. This strategy was pivotal in ensuring the organisation remained resilient and adaptable amidst the rapid industry changes.

The Results

Upon completion of the transformation projects, the organisation was able to offer new enhanced services to their clients and able to make better-informed decisions by having real-time data to hand. This gave them a very strong position to scale their service delivery and capture new market opportunities. 

As a consequence, the client was able to scale up and scale out. Over the last 5 years, they have grown from 28 to over 500 employees, and operate in UK and USA.