Our IT director helped this multinational software company deliver IT growth strategies, by reviewing existing practices before implementing new technologies and procedur.

Company Profile

This company specialises in creating industry-leading film distribution software for the motion picture industry. The company has over 50 employees working from four office locations and works with clients around the world. Also, its software is currently deployed in more than 50 territories, by almost 100 distributors.

CEO’s Mission

The Director was tasked with completing a thorough technology audit across the company’s IT estate. After a period of relative instability, the company required a review and restructure, and recommendations for IT Growth Strategies. In addition, management processes, customer interfaces, new software and new personnel were all issues that required attention in order for the business to progress in the marketplace.

What Our Director Did

Strategic Review

The IT Director spent time with various departments and teams within the business. This was including management, product teams and developers. This then, helped the Director to get a true understanding of the organisation and how it worked. After interviewing the team, the Director was able to highlight potential opportunities and suggest new and improved strategies across the business.

IT Growth Strategies and Technology Updates

The company was testing an agile methodology process, which the Director recommended for wider adoption across all teams. Then, the Director gave advice about how to manage the transition. The Director also analysed the suitability of existing PowerBuilder product frameworks with regards to future growth, and recommended a transition to modern web technologies. Other recommendations included integration with a cloud-based finance system to integrate all systems and provide better customer service.

Infrastructure Analysis

As well as looking into the ways teams and departments were structured and managed, the Director looked into the ways client accounts were engaged. Additionally, processes to revolutionise efficiency and manage product issues were suggested. An analysis of the Product Management structure led to the recruitment of a Product Director, who the Director was able to introduce from his network of contacts.

The Results

An extremely thorough IT audit of the company’s account outlined all the potential opportunities for improvement and growth across the business. The Director was able to outline recommended actions and work with the management to see these through to fruition. As a result, the business was able to progress to the next phase of its IT and business strategy.