Our part-time CIO was brought in to help this ISP/MSP provider with a seamless Salesforce implementation, and help their business take the next step.

Company Profile 

Founded in 2003, this company delivers high-speed connectivity through a combination of wireless and wired technologies to businesses in North West England. As an innovative internet service provider, they operate the UK’s most advanced hybrid ISP network, offering faster connectivity to businesses than traditional fibre. Their recent Salesforce integration for ISPs has positioned them at the forefront of the industry.

CEO’s Mission 

With a vision for a CIO-led Salesforce implementation, the CEO aimed to lead and manage a company-wide Salesforce adoption, aligning technology with the business plan. The goal was to reduce operating costs, demonstrate the benefits of Salesforce solutions for internet providers to customers and investors, and ensure a seamless Internet service provider CRM upgrade.

CIO’s Objectives 

  • Implement a cloud-based CRM system, ensuring a consistent business process and showcasing the best practices of internet provider CRM.
  • Consolidate infrastructure, especially after several mergers and acquisitions, emphasising a CIO-driven digital transformation


What the Director Did 

Leadership and Strategic IT Insights  

  • As part of the management team, the CIO played a pivotal role in several acquisitions. This lead to the need for a consolidated CRM approach.
  • Spearheaded the consolidation of various systems and platforms post-acquisitions into a single CRM Salesforce system, a service management system (ServiceNow), and initiated the gradual retirement and consolidation of legacy billing platforms.
  • Implemented Office 365 to enhance platform stability, communication, and collaboration tools. Additionally, introduced an Agile Software development methodology, reaping immediate business benefits, systems change management, and budget governance.
  • Led the evaluation of back-office systems, tools, and operational support systems, identifying business applications that align with fit-for-purpose business processes.
  • Provided oversight for the IT Infrastructure consolidation and systems integration, especially after several acquisitions, reflecting the CIO insights on Salesforce deployment.

Salesforce Implementation

The Director championed a transitional project programme, moving several platforms and information stores to a cloud-based system. This strategic move ensured the organisation’s resilience, adaptability, and future readiness, especially in the evolving landscape of working practices.

Improved Process Efficiency

Through enhanced application integrations and the development of live Management Information dashboards, information dissemination became swifter and more accurate. With the ISP Salesforce case study as a testament, Heads of Departments could make informed and timely decisions based on current data. Finally, this lead to a notable boost in the company’s efficiency.

The Results

Upon completion of the transformation project, the organisation operated on a single CRM system, with monitoring systems and a customer portal which made the company more efficient, able to make better-informed decisions on the data they had and in a stronger position to scale their service delivery moving forward.