Our part-time CTO helped this high end travel company by changing their system architecture, and allow them to offer new and improved products to their clients.

Company Profile

A global high-end business travel business providing investment banks with support for their teams on financial roadshows.  The business has recently diversified to work with high-net-worth individuals, non-banking senior and board-level management to meet their business needs in ground transportation globally.  The company has 3 operational and sales offices operating from London, New York and Hong Kong covering over 200 countries.

CEO’s Mission

The organisation prides itself on serving a diverse clientele comprising corporate giants from various sectors. Predominantly, their services are sought after for the transportation of C-level executives and their roadshow teams from multinational corporations. Given the stature of their clients, it’s imperative that their processes, communication channels, booking, and management systems are not only robust and secure but also adhere to the highest standards of excellence. The Director played a crucial role in ensuring that both management and development resources are allocated judiciously, striking a perfect balance between achieving success and maintaining cost efficiency.

What the Director Did

Providing IT Leadership and Strategy

The CTO’s primary responsibility was to ensure that the company’s technological infrastructure was not only state-of-the-art but also secure and perfectly aligned with the business’s objectives.

System Architecture Development and Implementation

The Director was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the custom system that the company relies on today. Recognising the need for continuous improvement, the Director also spearheaded the formation of a dedicated development team. This team’s mandate is to ensure that the systems remain cutting-edge, consistently meeting or even surpassing client expectations.

The systems, which the Director was deeply involved in crafting and for which he still holds overarching responsibility, include:

  • A robust internal IT infrastructure that supports the company’s global operations.
  • A state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure that ensures data security and accessibility.
  • A comprehensive phone and communications infrastructure that facilitates seamless global communication.
  • At the heart of their operations is the core bespoke system, which handles all global reservations. Numerous add-ons complement this system, enhancing its functionality and ensuring it remains best-in-class.

The Results

  • The business grew from a £2m base to an £11.5m global product during the tenure of the Director
  • The Director helped build and manage their world-class system used for managing driver allocation numbers.