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Need to secure funding, drive growth, or plan for acquisition? An interim CFO can provide your business with the financial expertise it needs at a fraction of the cost.

Interim CFO Guide

What does an Interim CFO do?Move beyond the financials and position your company for a stronger future.
How can an Interim CFO help my business grow?The role of the modern Director has Interim CFO. See how.
Meet your Interim CFOOur experienced Interim CFO's will deliver transformative leadership.
Interim CFO FAQsAny other questions? We’ll answer them here.

Drive your financial strategy forward with a talented interim CFO

With a focus on transformative leadership and accountability for key business decisions, we offer complete flexibility and no fixed-term contracts to drive your growth.


Transformative Leadership

Your team can expect to be empowered with the latest knowledge, skills, and expertise in the industry with An interim CFO who is a top leader in their field.


Immediate Impact

With our expertise from past projects and streamlined processes, we can deliver immediate value to your business without a learning curve. We quickly identify the growth opportunities you need to succeed.


No Risk To You

You won’t find any long-term contracts or extended notice periods here. We offer flexible staffing solutions that can be easily adjusted to meet your changing business needs, ensuring you always have the right personnel in place.

What Does An Interim CFO Do?

An interim CFO will help your company move beyond just keeping financials in order by helping plan and position your company for a strong future. They will:

  • Attain Financing – Leverage the extensive network of partners and investors that our interim CFOs have access to for diverse funding options. We’ll be your trusted guide throughout the process.
  • Swift Expansion – Want to scale but lacking the required funding, processes, or technology? With an interim CFO’s expertise, many businesses have successfully navigated these challenges.
  • Increase Valuation – Do you have a clear growth strategy or a plan to increase your business’s value? An interim CFO can clarify these issues, ensuring your company attains the value it’s worthy of.
  • Evolve/Restructure – As businesses progress, their objectives tend to shift. An interim  CFO offers the proficiency and experience needed to turn this daunting phase into a seamless and triumphant transition.
  • Prepare for Exit – Considering selling? Thoroughly prepared businesses garner higher offers. Partner with an interim CFO to uncover the full value of the company you’ve tirelessly built.

How Can An Interim CFO Help My Business Grow?

  • The expectations of an interim CFO has shifted, moving beyond solely focusing on financial tasks and support functions. Modern CFOs have become vital business leaders and strategic advisors to CEOs.
  • They take an active role in leading teams, delivering financial guidance, and driving comprehensive business strategies that align with an organization’s long-term vision.
  • For growing businesses without such expertise, employing a full-time CFO can pose significant risks and financial burdens.
  • Leadership Services offers a flexible financial service, granting access to top-tier interim CFOs who can immediately provide transformative leadership – without requiring long-term commitments or incurring high costs.
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Knowledge & Experience

Entrust your finances to an interim CFO with a minimum of ten years in top finance positions and a verified record of successful results.

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Affordable Model

Gain access to a superior interim CFO for your small-to-medium-sized business at a considerably reduced cost compared to recruiting a full-time employee.

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Complete Flexibility

Have your interim CFO on board as soon as required, and take advantage of our flexible contracts to fine-tune commitments according to your specific needs.

Full-Time Benefits

With our aptitude for part-time financial management, we can accomplish the same success as a full-time CFO in less time.

We Join Your Team

As an essential team member, your part-time CFO transcends the consultant label to impart strategic guidance and foster transformative leadership from within your organization.

Meet Your Interim CFO

Harnessing their know-how and expertise, an interim CFO can deliver transformative leadership that bolsters your company’s vision.

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Interim CFO FAQs

An interim CFO is a financial executive who is brought in on a temporary basis to provide financial leadership to a company. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as a sudden departure of the existing CFO, a planned leave of absence, or a need for additional support during a period of growth or change. Interim CFOs are often experienced financial executives who can quickly assess the financial health of the business and provide strategic guidance and support to the company’s leadership team.

The main difference between an interim CFO and a fractional CFO is the length of time they are engaged with a company. An interim CFO is typically brought in for a short period of time, usually several months, to provide financial leadership during a period of transition or change. In contrast, a fractional CFO is engaged with a company on an ongoing, part-time basis. Fractional CFOs typically work for a fixed number of hours per month and provide ongoing financial support and guidance to the company.

There are several reasons why a company may choose to hire an interim CFO. One common reason is to provide financial leadership during a period of transition, such as a merger or acquisition, a sudden departure of the existing CFO, or a planned leave of absence. An interim CFO can also provide support during a period of rapid growth or change, helping the company to manage cash flow, develop financial plans, and identify opportunities for cost savings. Additionally, an interim CFO can provide a fresh perspective and bring new ideas and strategies to the company.

Hiring a new CFO can be a complex process that involves careful planning and consideration. The first step is to identify the skills and experience that the new CFO will need to bring to the role. This may include expertise in financial planning and analysis, financial reporting, cash flow management, and fundraising. Once you have identified the necessary skills, you can begin the recruitment process by posting a job description and reaching out to your network for referrals. It is important to conduct a thorough interview process, including a review of the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and references, before making a final hiring decision.

The stage at which a company needs a CFO can vary depending on the size and complexity of the business. Typically, companies with revenues of £10 million or more will need a CFO to provide financial leadership and strategic guidance. However, the decision to hire a CFO should be based on the specific needs of the business and the goals of the company’s leadership team. If the company is experiencing rapid growth, facing complex financial transactions, or in need of additional financial support, it may be time to consider hiring a CFO.

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